About Bllend

Bllend is a multidisciplinary design and research office developing unique identities in the fields of Architecture, Landscape, Interiors, Furniture and Lighting Design. BllendDesignOffice has acquired a reputation working in residential projects or commercial branded environments that in their majority have received international distinctions, among which the inclusion in the World’s Best 2014-2015 International Property Awards for the Best Leisure & Office Interiors. Developing unique architectural identities involves working in unison with the clients within a contextual research-based framework, to develop a design concept that translates into a variety of design applications- architecture, industrial design, engineering and branding, or the interweaving of various disciplines in one project. The strong contextual impact every project involves empowers the bonding among scapes, materials, form, light & human condition in an organic substance that results in purposeful design for wellness and longevity. To quote Eero Saarinen [ always design a thing by considering it in its larger context- a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan…].


“we are more than the sum of our parts...so is our environment...”


Providing service that transcends the application of current design norms or technical standards.


Setting the contextual framework from scratch questioning, analyzing, foot printing the environment following international design research practices JUSTIFY Aspiring change not for the sake of novelty, but employing experiential, educational and research feedback for the design of holistic experiences for the human agents


The design outcome is not static solution, but a dynamic design organism that grows in line with the natural and built environment via an organic bonding


Being a multidisciplinary design firm, the resulting design concept translates into a variety of design applications and identities - be it architecture, furniture design, interior architecture, branded environments, landscape, lighting, or the interweaving of all the diverse disciplines in one project