Vivifying Minimalism


A contemporary space that customizes therapies based on advanced technology while offering classic spa treatments using herbal recipes. The resulting proposal was to create a dynamic wellness space that emits the austerity of scientific labs while adding familiar connotations of warm classics. The inspiration came from zen philosophy and the dyadic nature of cosmos. Demonstrating two opposite halves, it combines white lava plaster with chocolate brown from the classic colour palette - clinical white and scientific reason versus tasteful connotations of human desires.

The basement offers the aesthetics of traditional spa facilities, a combination of warm classics, bronze finishes and essential oils. The upper floor which is allocated for the private treatment rooms, traffic corridors and management offices showcases the brand's identity without compromising the ergonomics of contemporary office design. The chocolate box, includes four treatment rooms showcasing the latest advances in cosmetic technology which is wrapped with familiar connotations of taste, human desire and wooden wall paneling.