Wellness & DAYSpa


Earth and Metal are the main elements for an upper scale spatial design for cosmetic & spa treatments.  The parametric layering of ceiling and walls is acting like a contemporary metaphor of a natural cave, allowing natural daylight to flood the office and accounting areas behind them. The two reception modules are gilded in copper resembling two faceted semiprecious stones.

The design approach is a metaphor of inner beauty that every person holds similar to a stone that needs some refinement before its transformation to a gem. Corridors and traffic zones have been designed as ring roads around geometric volumes that offer customized treatment and therapy plans. These traffic zones offer the aesthetic environment of a gallery, exhibiting etchings and paintings by contemporary artists and engravers. Linear Led Lighting indicates movement, while round recessed ceiling fixtures indicate pausing in front of private treatments. Dots and lines a coded corporate branding identity.

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express”, Francis Bacon