Neoclassic Wellness

NEOCLASSIC Connotations

Drawing inspiration from adaptive re-use of historic buildings, metal beams support new walls while the new corporate identity is adapted to every space without complete uniformity

“Taking into account the elaborate plaster decorations and antique oak flooring flooded by natural daylight that enters the space, the design proposal was to introduce materials that draw the distinctive line between old and new”

The outcome was to offer the most advanced services in spa and cosmetology in a neoclassic building in KIFISIA Athens in a remodeled interior that emits freshness and modernity The PANTONE COLOR PALETTE draws inspiration from dusk lighting as it is reflected and its reflection on materials. Warm misty tones, hazy greens and red grays just add the presence of complementary colors that dissolve into the shadowed beginnings of a new day… Promising, Optimistic and Tranquil