Urban Furniture


Bllend taking into account the strong contextual framework of materials, technology, needs and lifestyles, incorporated informed design research as a powerful tool in every design research. Following that and an extensive research background has resulted in a desire to experiment with different material applications, extend their boundaries over and beyond their common usage.

Design informed research, drawing information by many social science theories and successful new trends in workspace models, has enabled the launching  of a silent revolution of maximizing human interactions and productivity in the social settings we share. Social architecture is a paradigm of creating hospitable places that facilitate effective communication and crafting cultures of caring and helping. A person’s ability to gain more from socialization and human interaction is a fellow that can thrive thereafter in their micro-environment or social structures. Between Architecture and Sociology is the recognition of spatial impact on the bonding of society, a recognition difficult to analyze fully yet awareness of its existence can open up new channels in creating a different world.