Architecture & Urbanism


We can change the world through design because we strongly believe that “ we are more than the sum of our parts… and so is our environment ” Winston Churchill

Sustainable design is an approach that embraces architectural design from an environmental and energy efficiency ideology with a view to raising awareness to the strong impact design holds on shaping our daily and future realities.

We create as if lives depend on it.
Billions do.

We embrace the limits of our planet.
We can provide so much more while using so much less.

We take on the epic challenges of our day.
There is no more important brief and we have the tools to help us.

Unintended consequences are no longer beyond our control.
We see systems and how they impact each other.
We test and evolve before committing to any solution.

Cooperation has overtaken competition.
We create with everyone, leaving out no one.

Together, we’ll design a world in which 9 billion people live well and
live within the limits of our planet.

This is the era of design
where human intention, empowered by technology, is re-shaping everything

(Design-Led manifesto by Autodesk)